Drink Smoke Pass Out – Judith Lucy


Judith Lucy’s second autobiography is brilliant. It’s witty and funny, and I feel really gives us a glimpse into Judith’s personality.

I read this book almost entirely in her voice. I found myself laughing a lot reading this – Judith is very funny! But the way she wrote it also allowed me to step into her shoes, and I could feel how she was feeling. There were times where I just wanted to reach into the book and give her a hug.

It was interesting to read about her experiences with spirituality. I guess each person has a different experience, but it was cool to read about what Judith experienced, within different forms of spirituality, all with her brilliant sense of humour and dry wit.

I haven’t read her first autobiography, but I will be getting my hands on it as soon as I can!


Are you seeing me? – Darren Groth


Twins Justine and Perry are heading on the trip of a lifetime. A year ago, they lost their father to cancer. And after the trip, Perry is moving to assisted accommodation, and Justine will no longer be caring for her brother. The trip doesn’t exactly go according to plan though, and things change between the pair.

I really enjoyed this novel! I really felt connected to Perry, but even more connected to Justine. Darren really brought the characters to life with his writing style. I just wanted to put my arms through the book and give Perry and Justine a hug! (Even though Perry wouldn’t really have liked that!).

I liked that the book was written through both Justine and Perry’s point of view. I got a real insight into both characters, and felt like I was a part of them both. I felt like I knew them intimately.

The story flowed really well. It didn’t feel rushed, but it didn’t feel slow either. It was a really enjoyable read!

Comfort Zone – Lindsay Tanner


Jack van Duyn, a Melbourne taxi driver, is on the job when he steps in to break up an altercation between two kids in a playground of a hise rise apartment complex. What he doesn’t realise that he will end up getting involved in drug dealing, national security, and violence. But he does it all for one woman, who he quickly falls in love with.

I think the title of this book is quite fitting. Jack is completely thrown out of his comfort zone – going from being an almost recluse to spending time with people socially, and also learns some new things about himself. He puts himself in situations that he normally wouldn’t even think about.

I felt like I was really part of the story. I could see Jack’s world through his eyes. The writing style really draws you in to the book and puts you right in the middle of the story. Living in Melbourne, I could also imagine the locations in the story.

The story also touches on some stereotypes, particularly racial stereotypes. The woman that Jack is infatuated with is Somali, and becomes entangled in family and racial issues. I think the book makes some important points, particularly that just because people move away from violence in their country, it doesn’t mean they always escape it.

Although the ending wasn’t exactly a happy one, it did instil a sense of positivity and hope. It shows how one experience or event can completely change someone’s life. It opened my eyes a bit more to what other people may be experiencing because of their culture or previous life experiences. I really enjoyed reading this novel!