Adelaide, 1977. The year Elvis died. And the year twelve-year-old Jake Taylor meets Rory Macbeath.

Until then, Jake’s world was small, revolving around his street, his school and the courthouse where his mum, Harry, is a barrister. His best friend lives only a few houses away. For them, daylight is for spinning a cricket ball, riding bikes around the neighbourhood and swimming at the pool until their skin is wrinkled and the zinc on their noses has washed away. Then Rory Macbeath moves into the red-brick house at the end of Rose Avenue and everything changes.

At first Jake has his doubts about Rory. But after long days and nights of swimming, fishing, and daring each other into trouble, Jake discovers Rory has talents and courage beyond those of anyone he’s ever known.

Then, early one evening, Rory disappears. And everyone on Rose Avenue is about to discover why.

I really, really enjoyed this novel! It was nothing like I was expecting it to be. Even though I wasn’t alive in the 70s, I felt like I was there, and had a real understanding and connection to the events in the novel. It was written with passion. I would definitely read this again.



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