Welcome to my blog. This is the first blog that I have made.

The purpose of this blog is for book reviews. I started this blog as part of the Aussie Author Challenge. I plan on continuing this blog, even after I complete the challenge.

I will be attempting the Kangaroo level of this challenge. This involves reading 12 novels by Australian authors – 4 males, 4 females and 4 authors that are new to me, covering 3 different genres.

I am an extremely avid reader and love finding new authors and books, so I am really looking forward to this challenge! I hope this blog will encourage you to try new authors and books.

This is the link to the challenge: http://bookloverbookreviews.com/reading-challenges/aussie-author-challenge-2016

Enjoy reading!




3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Welcome, Mel! I have loved having a blog for a few years. It became about reading communities to a large degree. Today, I run four groups of my own! I am a writer and this is a place to write articles. It started as a peaceful platform when there was something to say (animal rights, educating people oblivious to Canada). I’m glad you chose WordPress, a site MADE for writers. Most to my dismay seem to use ‘Blogspot’, which is hard to comment on. Their spam service isn’t as good so we get stuck with captcha screens. What’s ideal is those of us on WordPress can see replies at one another’s posts. 🙂

    I do write book reviews profusely but prefer not to create traffic by putting them on individual posts. I review at Amazon Canada, then gather my links into a nice menu for people to browse at the top of my blog. I”m lucky not to scare away readers of my articles by all the challenge posts going by already. 😉 I hope to have you in my fray. Sincerely, Carolyn. https://cmriedel.wordpress.com/riedel-challenges-2016/


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